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Published: 23rd December 2009
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Ace your way to the top level-world of warcraft leveling bot will take you there!

We are at present entering the arena of warcraft dimension as the popular game'world of warcraft' attacks the cyber world. Yes, indeed the game has been a success to nearly all players of any sort ; young and old, male, and many more. And this not impossible since if you are acquainted with the game, the evidence is clear how WOW managed to convince earthlings to migrate to that world. They do not even need a spaceship to take themselves to the interesting World of Warcraft.

apart from that, stepping into the Warcraft also feels like being transported into a new dimension, as if you're really the character in the game. With all of the 3d graphics the game has and of course, the background, you would feel a bit like you are indeed in another world. In a similar way, as a player explores new locations, different routes and method of transport become available making it more pragmatic. Also, a number of facilities are available for characters while in towns and cities, like banks and auction homes. Whatever you feel like doing in actuality, you can do it in the world of warcraft ; and whatever you can not do in actuality, you can actually do in the world of warcraft.
however , like other games, the Warcraft is a level-up game too, which implies you advance to the next level and gets a chance to be the top and the best Wow fighter in the whole world of warcraft. I'm pretty sure ; everyone wants to ace all the levels of the game.

similarly, when it comes to Wow leveling bots, All-in-one ( AIO ) WOW leveling bot is the best among the rest. Why? WoW AIO Bot levels your character with one hundred pc quest based automation. Unlike the other automatic bots that only kill MOBs repeatedly again to earn experience, AIO Bot grinds thru quest after search, that means tons of Loot, Gold, respect and quest Chain finished without having to lift a Finger! Except for that, you'll have nothing to worry and little to fear about getting caught, with AIO world of warcraft leveling bot. These are features of the AIO Warcraft leveling bot :

-Grind From Level 1-80 Automatically!

Your personality automatically goes to each level appropriate zone - traveling by zeppelin, flight trails, elevator, boats, and even mounts - all over Azeroth, all on its own!

-Easy Waypoint Setup

Set up robotic hunting immediately in any sector you want!

-Auto Fishing talent

Have AIO Bot grind fishing in ANY body of water in game!

-Auto Gather skill

Max out mining, herbalism, skinning, pick lock and MORE, without lifting a finger.

-Auto Farming Items mode

Farm any item in the game on autopilot!

-Pre Loaded Mail Items

A continual way to have AIO Bot mail items to your alts.

-Auto Sell Feature

Pick what item scantiness you need to cash in ( grays, greens, blues, epics ) and watch AIO Bot rake in the gold.

-Auto Buy Feature

AIO Bot will refill your food, ammunition, etc so it can continue to play at top quality levels for you.

-All Class Specs Work With AIO Bot

All combat sequences for each class come pre installed, saving you tons of time setting them up yourself!

-Alarm System Enhancement

Get over 20 different alerts sent to you at your command.


Set your character like you'd set your pet - passive, defensive and aggressive - to always be ready for PVP action!

-AIO English GUI

AIO Bot comes in Complete English GUI

-Stealth Background Operations

Use your computer for anything you'd like, while AIO Bot grinds your character behind the scenes!

-Total holiday Mode

Need to step away? No problem, pause the bot for at least seven days in case you'll be AFK for too long!

-Super Detailed Character Logs

See what your character's been up to step-by-step while AIO Bot is running, and keep control of where you have been ( without needing to GO there )

In short, with these superb features of AIO wow aio bot, it is quite most unlikely for you not to ace your way to the top level and have the most fantastic World of Warcraft experience! Start questing now---

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